I landed in a new STReet

I landed in a new street. my uncle was a rich dude who lived in a building in some bigshot city. There are tall buildings. i was waiting for him to come back. When he came back from the where ever he was. He comes back to the big building we are in i notice there are assassins out there ready for my uncle.

I went into the foyer to greet him. I am gay he has returned. the whole scenery was quaint. Here comes and assassin brave enough to walk in and confront us. He is bad in his craft. No fancy or well planned attack was moving. THere is just the assassin and he wants to fight. I went to fight this guy. Like a fist fight.

Sometime later. I found myself at the corner of a street, I a bunch of useless stuff that only have sentimental value. Not very good. I poorly re organized my stuff and I had to get a bigger bag to carry all of my stuff.

I traveled down the street. There is a lot of vegetation even when there is a street. The lighting is bad because it’s passed sunset. There are empty lots covered in grass. There was a continuous hill adjacent to the road. i walked on it to observe the scenery. Three story Victorian style buildings. With empty lots and tall trees with obscuring leafs.

At the end of the street. I entered one of these old looking buildings. It appeared that there was a square field with platforms that are connections of stair cases. The white walls appear peachy.

I woke up and was back at the beginning of the street. THis time, I reorganize my bag and throw many things out. THis new organization didn’t need a big bag and was much more bearable. I went down the street and it looked completely different and didn’t look like familiar. I was like I was inside a giant building. There were buildings inside a big building.

As I went to the end of the street It appears THat i woke up from being half asleep. I was in a classroom that appeared to be a theater and with a bunch of overwieght people. I didn’t want to be there and I wanted out. I got out and it seemed like that was unacceptable. I left anyway and went to other places. It appears that I am inside another big building. Like I am inside a house, that is very old and people were shorter back in the day. The hall ways were narrow and the classrooms were not so big.

I have an affinity for the Drama class I am in. There is a kind of liking to drama. The enlightenment of realizing the kind of monster you can be. That is the kind of Drama you see. For some reason at the same time, I am looking for a small room to live in.

I found a room very blue hue. I find it quaint, homely, not satisfying, my search continues.

I wonder into a fake dodge ball room. I expected a bunch of dodgeball things to happen, but there is no dodgeball. I wanted dodgeball. These are people just sitting around doing nothing and they are convinced they are doing something. Well, they are not.

I ran out of there. A small cylinder like object is seeking my presence. It is chasing me. I want to get away.

I run away.

Mushroom Umbrellas

There are all these guys who have purple skin. WE all have purple skin and are competing against eachother. I will not let them win. But everyone is seemingly qualified to be the winner.

Don’t imagine me with purple skin anymore.

I am obsessed with taking some silly standardized test. THe entirety of the scenery was a sullen sepia with the clouds and light rain. I was walking over small ponds and generally away from the main streets that are full of the cars slowwing traffic. This traffic is obviously unbearable. I don’t like it. I go in and take the test. I don’t see my scores for some reason. Then I remember what they said. But I don’t trust my memory because of my false memories.


I grab several mushrooms and then make them into an umbrella then I use it to travel across the traffic and seemingly above any skyscraper. But it could have just been at the heights of the skyscrapers.


I join an art class very late into the semester. I make some friends with the students. There is this girl who i think is very cute. I don’t know. MAybe Others think she’s not so much. Maybe there is something I don’t know. She’s blonde and blue eyes and some other important stuff like her mind or whatever.


I don’t feel right with all of these other students. I’m sure they have taken note of my recent joining of the class. Discrimination because I wasn’t there from the beginning. IT’s not due to competency.


WE all go through a test of sorts. I don’t even know. IT’s a physical test or maybe there is fighting. I don’t even know. So The big shot guy takes the test and does pretty well. You have to do pretty well to pass it. And when that happens, he returns to the class room and then pulls out a selfie video and then the whole class feels a strong compulsion to celebrate all to make the video appear the best quality. This room of white and red really feels mad.


I wasn’t feeling it, So I wanted to do something else. I was lost in the complex i found myself and wondered through a bunch of doors. I walk into the test room and then accidentally take the same test as the big shot took. I ace it. I come out to the other side.


There was a big stairway ascent to the door that was the exit of the testing area. After I walk Through, I accidentally push a button on my controller, like as if I was playing a video game beyond the forth wall and the controller controlled my movements and actions. THis button activated the selfie movie that the big shot also used.


The whole class appeared right there and gave it their best celebration even though they were teleported from where ever. I didn’t want to do that until I returned to class. Right after I beat the test, I decided to return to the class instead of thinking about leaving it behind.



That blonde girl was there. Personally, I have a first choice before the nordic types but this was nice. We sat next to eachother.

Pool Chaser

I was in a class with other graduate students of different disciplines. I was the only one who had an electrical engineering degree. The other were from other fields. Now the stuff we were working on was pretty simple things, because it was early in the class. I wonder if the instructor was actually serious because the material looked pretty simple. Now I can tell later on, the material will get more difficult and the other students lack the knowledge in order to be competent later on in the course.


MY aunt for some reason was picking me up from the campus and I called her and her daughter answered the phone. I think her voice dropped quite a bit, because I didn’t immediately recognize her. She’s a contralto. Anyway after a few sessions of this, I found my self riding with someone familiar from highschool. We were in his sweet, exotic, yellow, sports car. The inner panel was yellow as well.


I mentioned another friend from highschool who has passed. It seemed like I deliberately brought up a bad memory. The memory of a good friend who is no longer with us. While driving around, we came across an old car that was a sultan. My father was there, not my real father but a low resolution being who could be described as my father in the context of the dream as well as all the other characters, he told me that the fixers around these parts are not excellent at fixing cars, or even good at it. I drove it back to my place and reported to him that the front axle was not aligned properly. He said something about the workers around these parts. I kept driving.


We arrive at my house. This house was from another dream, I just know it. That could be a hallucination from the dream, but it seemed like a strong feeling. This house was large and complex with power ups throughout and has a deep pool in the back yard. My room was on the first floor and the pool continuous from the separation by the wall. I could easily walk there.


My other friend came across and welcomed me, WE were talking and he convinced me to go into the pool. I really didn’t want to. I wanted to feed the cats. I don’t know why I have cats. The room above me was an old sealed room where it looks as if it may have served as a dark room. IT looked more interesting that my room. We used that room to reach the backyard and go into the pool. There was a diving board and when we reached it, I wasn’t ready to go into the water but my so called friend pushed me into the water and then I accepted it and embraced the wetness. I was swimming edge to edge and noticed the gushing of water the pool automatically does, this helped me greatly when swimming.


MY rival appeared at my place again. I remember this guy from a past dream. I wanted to run away from him. I was not scared of him, I wanted to see if I could run away from him and hide. I wanted to test my ability to do that on my home turf. He chased me throughout the outer complex of the house. I tried to maneuver creatively to lose his track but to no progress. He was keeping up. I saw an invisibility orb. I think it was from that halo game. I attempted to run into it and missed entirely. Wow. I can’t believe I did that. My rival got the power up and became frightening. I went into lots of room to practice my technique of hiding. The adrenaline caused a nebulous thinking process where my talent for hiding in plain sight was cut down and no longer useful.


I didn’t realize my skill was not effective. My rival was finding me easily and I got frustrated. I could not hide. I went to one last room full of stuffed animals and then tried to hide among them. It didn’t work. Well, I was sure it wasn’t going to work. There were people that came into the room I remaneuvered into another hiding spot and hoped the people would serve as a distraction for when my rival visits the room.


It was no use, his cunning eyes spotted me and I freaked out and then the crazy thing happened. I released some kind of magic from me that made all of the stuffed animals in the room come to life and do living animal things.

River Driver

I walked around a neighborhood with a recent flood, there were water level higher than typical. People were outside like it was a beach day or a lake day. They were having too much fun, they were doing things out of the typical. There is a wide river running through. The water was so blue, I thought that it was dyed. There were patches of water outside the river pouring into the river. People were in those water pools too.


My Father and I were in a car driving around the neighborhood. For some reason, there were drivable parts. There was a warm sunshine and I could see the green of the trees. I ask my father why we’re looking around. He said it was because of the beautiful sight after the storm.

Before this, my buddies and i were fighting a great evil. There was an inanimate object that defied its characteristic, because it really was animate, that was terrorizing the peace between us, my group of friends. These people are dream friends, I don’t know how I know them, but our relationship is intimate.


There were slanted shelves like a stair case. There were books oriented where the spine was touching the self and supporting the rest of the book. We could see the faces of the books and one of them is the Gulag Archipelago. Those books oriented that way was the result of the evil object. I knew things needed to be returned to normal and I had to stop it.


Kinda odd, that somehow my father, I think it was him, signed a few papers and then, it was like busy paper work, not doing anything special. That is what ended the tyranny.

My friends and I received markings that could be described as physical deformities from the fights with the evil. But it seems so simple to stop the evil the way my father did it. He wasn’t even trying.

Dark Blue Hue Cement

I was gathering scripts for someone in a high ceiling room. I wanted to steal a skull. I want to place the skull in my room. To place it there, my sister agreed to follow me because the pathway to my room is a short cut to the gym. That pathway is inside a structure of a cold blue cement with systems of transportation of water.

The entrance to the pathway to my room has a sealed cap circular and with a keyhole. We are in rich vegetation surrounded. Use the key and drag it open. Crawl in, my sister. I am eager to join others at the gym class. Women drag me into trouble.

The normal landing mark to travel to my room was sabotaged. I got wet and tired when I reached my room.

Dark blue hued cement. My rival appears to have ambushed me in wet water and I climb there, to the cement, to dry ground.

He’s clever. He set me in motion to return to my room and has sabotaged my pathway to my room, he’s riddled it with traps. He knows my homefield better than I do. I have no advantage at home. His Intellect is scary, he’s prepared. I fear for my safety.