Sodas and Doughnuts are better than Hurricanes and Dikes

The conclusion that it’s bad for you, soda that is, is obviously not a very good one. That’s a poor argument.

It’s bad for you but it wont kill you.

I can point out that Alcohol is much worse, you don’t need alcohol. It can kill and your friends and your children and other people. You don’t need weed. Are you going to hallucinate now? Attack my character? No I’m right.

You say “If soda is a health risk, Then there isn’t anything wrong with the ban,” Then I’m like, there is totally a lot going wrong. So much.


If people want to smoke weed, let them. If people want to drown themselves in doughnut, do it. Life is hard. IT really is. Like if you need succinct euphoria to get through your day, don’t even think about the justifications, I hear you. If you are not putting your children in cages.


I’m not a doctor, don’t take medical or nutritional advice from a non doctor.


This health risk thing is obviously going after a symptom. If you want to ride the horse of morality and claim to be for people’s heath and goodwill all that, then do it properly. Why do people do things that get them in bad health situations?

What is wrong with their life so that they do this?


Also one thing you can make is that there isn’t enough food or nutrition information going around. People are not educated about this. So I have a question, which is more healthy?


Potato or pasta? Choose one.


The typical response is about 50- 50. People choose either one thinking it is the better health option. But half of them are wrong. The answer is pasta because of its glycemic index. IT has a low glycemic index.


If you got that wrong, you are ignorant. Which is better, or more healthier? Steak or carrots? Choose one.


People are going to pick carrots a lot, especially if they weren’t perturbed by their incorrect answer to my earlier question. If you eat carrots, then you are going to get fat. All your friends that eat carrots at the dinner table when ordering their food because they are aware of the implications of not eating properly, they order carrots because they don’t want to get fat. Have some veggies right? Healthy? Right? No. I order the steak. I don’t eat steak much at all. Moderation. I eat the steak and I am getting skinnier and all of my friends are getting fatter. Carrots have a GI (glycemic index) of 71, that is very high and it will make you hungrier than before you ate them.



This shows your ignorance on nutrition. There you go. Get educated. If you have the option between a strawberries or a banana and you like them equally, but from research, the banana has healthier, then you choose the banana. You like them both but knowledge tells what to do.


There. I did something much better than any activist ever did in NY about sodas. You’re welcome.


Here’s the next part. It’s a juicy one.


Why are you guys talking about sodas? What about the corruption and squandering of public money?

I live in house and let’s go through something. Let’s say my city decided to put some kind of ban on doughnuts. O my god, we eat too much doughnuts and we are getting fatter. poor poor people.

They need to be told what they are doing is wrong. right?


Wrong. What needs to be addressed is the squandering of public money on stupid shit instead of fixing our huge problem. A whole lot of houses and property is completely worthless. All of it.

The insurance companies wont touch it. These are the floods. My god. They said that such a flood only happens once in a hundred years. That’s how it was designed. Those are the tolerances engineers have set.

We have had 4 in the last 8 years. It’s a complete disaster. I’m not going to blame the hurricane for this one.


back to the past.

What cause the floods in New Orleans? Hurricane Katrina? No. Someone who knows very little about the world would say something like that.


Look at the Dutch. THeir county is way below sea levels, most of it is.


The Dutch built the dikes to withstand so much as that only one storm in 10,000 years would be sufficient enough to partially breach the dikes. That’s the engineering tolerance. 1 in 10,000.


The US Army Corp of Engineers knew that the dikes in New Orleans would only be able to withstand only 1 storm in every hundred years. 1 in 100. People knew they weren’t built to proper tolerances and the money designated for the rebuilding and maintenance of the dikes. Much of that money was squandered due to corruption.


So why were there floods in New Orleans? IT was because of corrupt officials that weren’t paying attention. THis is like the flood story in Genesis. It was the sins of man that cause the flood. These people turned a blind eye to something that needed to be done. If you don’t do what needs to be done and something comes to wipe you out, then see that as a judgement like god judging.

That is my problem with Soda bans.

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