I landed in a new STReet

I landed in a new street. my uncle was a rich dude who lived in a building in some bigshot city. There are tall buildings. i was waiting for him to come back. When he came back from the where ever he was. He comes back to the big building we are in i notice there are assassins out there ready for my uncle.

I went into the foyer to greet him. I am gay he has returned. the whole scenery was quaint. Here comes and assassin brave enough to walk in and confront us. He is bad in his craft. No fancy or well planned attack was moving. THere is just the assassin and he wants to fight. I went to fight this guy. Like a fist fight.

Sometime later. I found myself at the corner of a street, I a bunch of useless stuff that only have sentimental value. Not very good. I poorly re organized my stuff and I had to get a bigger bag to carry all of my stuff.

I traveled down the street. There is a lot of vegetation even when there is a street. The lighting is bad because it’s passed sunset. There are empty lots covered in grass. There was a continuous hill adjacent to the road. i walked on it to observe the scenery. Three story Victorian style buildings. With empty lots and tall trees with obscuring leafs.

At the end of the street. I entered one of these old looking buildings. It appeared that there was a square field with platforms that are connections of stair cases. The white walls appear peachy.

I woke up and was back at the beginning of the street. THis time, I reorganize my bag and throw many things out. THis new organization didn’t need a big bag and was much more bearable. I went down the street and it looked completely different and didn’t look like familiar. I was like I was inside a giant building. There were buildings inside a big building.

As I went to the end of the street It appears THat i woke up from being half asleep. I was in a classroom that appeared to be a theater and with a bunch of overwieght people. I didn’t want to be there and I wanted out. I got out and it seemed like that was unacceptable. I left anyway and went to other places. It appears that I am inside another big building. Like I am inside a house, that is very old and people were shorter back in the day. The hall ways were narrow and the classrooms were not so big.

I have an affinity for the Drama class I am in. There is a kind of liking to drama. The enlightenment of realizing the kind of monster you can be. That is the kind of Drama you see. For some reason at the same time, I am looking for a small room to live in.

I found a room very blue hue. I find it quaint, homely, not satisfying, my search continues.

I wonder into a fake dodge ball room. I expected a bunch of dodgeball things to happen, but there is no dodgeball. I wanted dodgeball. These are people just sitting around doing nothing and they are convinced they are doing something. Well, they are not.

I ran out of there. A small cylinder like object is seeking my presence. It is chasing me. I want to get away.

I run away.

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