Pool Chaser

I was in a class with other graduate students of different disciplines. I was the only one who had an electrical engineering degree. The other were from other fields. Now the stuff we were working on was pretty simple things, because it was early in the class. I wonder if the instructor was actually serious because the material looked pretty simple. Now I can tell later on, the material will get more difficult and the other students lack the knowledge in order to be competent later on in the course.


MY aunt for some reason was picking me up from the campus and I called her and her daughter answered the phone. I think her voice dropped quite a bit, because I didn’t immediately recognize her. She’s a contralto. Anyway after a few sessions of this, I found my self riding with someone familiar from highschool. We were in his sweet, exotic, yellow, sports car. The inner panel was yellow as well.


I mentioned another friend from highschool who has passed. It seemed like I deliberately brought up a bad memory. The memory of a good friend who is no longer with us. While driving around, we came across an old car that was a sultan. My father was there, not my real father but a low resolution being who could be described as my father in the context of the dream as well as all the other characters, he told me that the fixers around these parts are not excellent at fixing cars, or even good at it. I drove it back to my place and reported to him that the front axle was not aligned properly. He said something about the workers around these parts. I kept driving.


We arrive at my house. This house was from another dream, I just know it. That could be a hallucination from the dream, but it seemed like a strong feeling. This house was large and complex with power ups throughout and has a deep pool in the back yard. My room was on the first floor and the pool continuous from the separation by the wall. I could easily walk there.


My other friend came across and welcomed me, WE were talking and he convinced me to go into the pool. I really didn’t want to. I wanted to feed the cats. I don’t know why I have cats. The room above me was an old sealed room where it looks as if it may have served as a dark room. IT looked more interesting that my room. We used that room to reach the backyard and go into the pool. There was a diving board and when we reached it, I wasn’t ready to go into the water but my so called friend pushed me into the water and then I accepted it and embraced the wetness. I was swimming edge to edge and noticed the gushing of water the pool automatically does, this helped me greatly when swimming.


MY rival appeared at my place again. I remember this guy from a past dream. I wanted to run away from him. I was not scared of him, I wanted to see if I could run away from him and hide. I wanted to test my ability to do that on my home turf. He chased me throughout the outer complex of the house. I tried to maneuver creatively to lose his track but to no progress. He was keeping up. I saw an invisibility orb. I think it was from that halo game. I attempted to run into it and missed entirely. Wow. I can’t believe I did that. My rival got the power up and became frightening. I went into lots of room to practice my technique of hiding. The adrenaline caused a nebulous thinking process where my talent for hiding in plain sight was cut down and no longer useful.


I didn’t realize my skill was not effective. My rival was finding me easily and I got frustrated. I could not hide. I went to one last room full of stuffed animals and then tried to hide among them. It didn’t work. Well, I was sure it wasn’t going to work. There were people that came into the room I remaneuvered into another hiding spot and hoped the people would serve as a distraction for when my rival visits the room.


It was no use, his cunning eyes spotted me and I freaked out and then the crazy thing happened. I released some kind of magic from me that made all of the stuffed animals in the room come to life and do living animal things.

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