River Driver

I walked around a neighborhood with a recent flood, there were water level higher than typical. People were outside like it was a beach day or a lake day. They were having too much fun, they were doing things out of the typical. There is a wide river running through. The water was so blue, I thought that it was dyed. There were patches of water outside the river pouring into the river. People were in those water pools too.


My Father and I were in a car driving around the neighborhood. For some reason, there were drivable parts. There was a warm sunshine and I could see the green of the trees. I ask my father why we’re looking around. He said it was because of the beautiful sight after the storm.

Before this, my buddies and i were fighting a great evil. There was an inanimate object that defied its characteristic, because it really was animate, that was terrorizing the peace between us, my group of friends. These people are dream friends, I don’t know how I know them, but our relationship is intimate.


There were slanted shelves like a stair case. There were books oriented where the spine was touching the self and supporting the rest of the book. We could see the faces of the books and one of them is the Gulag Archipelago. Those books oriented that way was the result of the evil object. I knew things needed to be returned to normal and I had to stop it.


Kinda odd, that somehow my father, I think it was him, signed a few papers and then, it was like busy paper work, not doing anything special. That is what ended the tyranny.

My friends and I received markings that could be described as physical deformities from the fights with the evil. But it seems so simple to stop the evil the way my father did it. He wasn’t even trying.

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