Dark Blue Hue Cement

I was gathering scripts for someone in a high ceiling room. I wanted to steal a skull. I want to place the skull in my room. To place it there, my sister agreed to follow me because the pathway to my room is a short cut to the gym. That pathway is inside a structure of a cold blue cement with systems of transportation of water.

The entrance to the pathway to my room has a sealed cap circular and with a keyhole. We are in rich vegetation surrounded. Use the key and drag it open. Crawl in, my sister. I am eager to join others at the gym class. Women drag me into trouble.

The normal landing mark to travel to my room was sabotaged. I got wet and tired when I reached my room.

Dark blue hued cement. My rival appears to have ambushed me in wet water and I climb there, to the cement, to dry ground.

He’s clever. He set me in motion to return to my room and has sabotaged my pathway to my room, he’s riddled it with traps. He knows my homefield better than I do. I have no advantage at home. His Intellect is scary, he’s prepared. I fear for my safety.


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