Two Scoops Journalism

Is David Fahrenthold an excellent journalist? It’s so sad. This guy won a Pulitzer, and is this what Pulitzer winning journalists do? They want to find out about some Photo shopped picture some employee hung.  Is Fahrenthold able to see how petty that is? Is he in some cognitive dissonance or something? “Wow, we really got him this time!” Did you really?

I read his article and think, “Man, is this what journalism is? Is this what you guys are doing? Little stuff like this?” I don’t, no offense, but this is the kind of thing I expect to see from buzzfeed. David Fahrenthold, a Pulitzer, is worried about a fake photoshopped magazine picture in some golf club.


A lot of these journalists, they complain about being Harassed on the internet. This internet stuff, the cyberbullying and harassment these journalists complain about. That’s a privilege. If your biggest complaint is people being mean to you on the internet, that’s a privilege. You never had a hard life, right? Go out in the sun all day and bend over backwards doing manual labor. You sweat and the sunscreen comes off and you get a sunburn on your neck. That’s why they are called rednecks. Oh, I’m so sorry I work outside and do manual labor instead of complain about people on the internet. I’m not Brian Steltar who makes 800k a year and cries because people call him fat. Sorry Jim Acosta. Makes 400k. I’m Jim Acosta and I cry because the whitehouse is so mean to me. They are so mean to me, these people are so evil. Will someone not think of the over paid Journalists? We are such victims.

Oh my gosh, there are people in this country with real problems. Like try dealing with customer service. The abuse you get on the internet is nothing compared to that. Try dealing with a pissed off customer trying to get you fired.

That really sucks. Some angry entitled person who had a bad day is dressing you down. You have to be nice or they will call your manager, they won’t let it go, they will write letters to corporate office, and you might not get fired. They want you to get fired. Now you are going to worry about losing some $12 per hour job. You need that job because you are struggling financially. Now you have to deal with that piece of garbage, oh did I say that? I’m so sorry, the customer is always right! No. They are completely wrong. And Now you are worried about losing some terrible job you can barely pay the bill with.  That is harassment, that is hard. People that complain on the internet, they live privileged lives.

Go work somewhere where people yell at you and treat you badly and insult you and denigrate you. They call your manager to complain and are looking for freebies.

OMG, someone called CNN isis! A multibillion dollar corporation. You poor little babies, you poor little six figure salary earning babies.

You Journalists are the victims here? Someone has the job of cleaning up your filth. And you are somehow struggling? That’s so sad.

The Wapo chasing down that fake magazine article with Trump on it. That’s not a real story. People got pissed off because Trump had two scoops of Icecream when other people had 1. With my horrible $12 an hour job, I am really going to care about that. If you are a regular, people know what you want. Don’t forget, Mike Pence had a fruit salad. Let’s call this one Two scoops Journalism.

David Fahrenthold does Two Scoops Journalism. His stories are so important that they are not only one scoop but two scoops.

Remember, guys, I love you because I get enough sun.

CNN vs 4chan #BlackMail #CNNBlackMail

Don’t Dox me Bro.


IT’s a business agreement because ‘CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change’ will be the most interesting thing a defunct company said.

How many times have you apologized for making an internet meme?